A shock has been caused by death of a 15-year-old student in Trikalawho died suddenly while having fun with her classmates in a night club.

The young student studied at a school in Athens, but had been in Trikala as part of a school trip.

An autopsy is expected to be performed today on the girl who suddenly lost consciousness, although it is noted that the first indications “point” heart attack as she is said to be 15 years old he was facing health problems.

The young lady collapsed while she was in the night club with her friends and while a doctor, a friend of the teachers accompanying the students, was there, he gave her first aid and brought her back to life.

A little later, however, he followed second incident and an ambulance was called, which transported the minor to the Trikala General Hospital. Despite their efforts for two hours, they did not succeed.

The parents of the child arrived in Trikala from Athens, who were informed about what happened.

It’s tragic what happened, the kids were having fun and suddenly the girl collapsed, there was a doctor in the store, he tried to revive her 2-3 times but he couldn’t, we called an ambulance, the ambulance came immediately, she had another episode in the ambulance and we took her at the hospital“said ibar owner.

The unfortunate student was immediately transferred to the emergency room of the Trikala General Hospital, where the doctors fought to keep her alive. But in the early morning it suffered a setback.

Konstantinos Grigoriou, Governor of Trikala General Hospital stated: “Despite the fact that for two hours both the interventional cardiologist and the anesthetist and the other doctors tried CPR, it did not work and unfortunately the child ended up».

At a quarter past one, the 15-year-old student arrived by EKAB ambulance at the Trikala General Hospital, for two hours the doctors made superhuman efforts to keep her alive, but without success.

Full of joy and impatience, the students of the first high school started the school trip from Byron to Trikala, without anyone being able to predict the tragedy that would unfold.

Alexatos Charalambos, principal of the 5th high school Byron stated: “The children left yesterday, At one o’clock where they were on a night out, a little girl, Ioanna, felt unwell, unfortunately».

In a state of shock, the classmates spent the night in a hotel in Trikala and today they returned to their parents.

The President of the Association of Parents and Guardians said: “They are in a state of shock, psychologists have gone to the hotel where the children are, there are some procedures, they are taking some statements.”

“A good child and a good student who was loved by everyone, both teachers and students”, underlined the director of the 5th high school of Byron.