The businessman had disappeared to avoid the wrath of those who had fallen victim to him, but after 14 years he was located.

A businessman who was active in the leather trade in Patras, with a large turnover, decided to close his business and disappeared, leaving his customers on the ice.

14 years later his victims managed to track him down through social media and realized he became a priest to… escape his debts.

“It has destroyed families”

“There was mobilization by the people, who spotted him. It has destroyed families,” criminologist Anthoula Anasoglou told MEGA.

How much money does he owe?

According to information, the former businessman is now a priest “extorted” his victims 1 million euros in total.

His victims managed to locate him through social media, where the priest often posts about his priestly work.

In fact, they managed to meet him at the cemetery, while he was being buried. When the victims asked for their money back, he told them to wait and that he would pay them back little by little, when circumstances allowed.