After consultation with the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianides and the President of the OASP and the President of the Permanent Special Scientific Committee for Seismic Risk Assessment and Seismic Risk Reduction of the OASP, Professor Efthymi Lekka, the said Committee met to examine all the data relating to current seismic activity.

According to the unanimous opinion of the members of the Committee:

1. The seismic sequence in the Municipality of Phaistos, Heraklion, Crete is developing normally, taking into account all the data so far.

2. The Committee recommends that citizens avoid entering and staying in buildings that may have suffered damage in the Municipality of Phaistos. It is also suggested to citizens to choose safe routes when moving through the urban fabric and the provincial road network, especially in places where there are strong morphological gradients.

3. The current seismic activity in Xylokastro Corinthia is due to a fault of short length, which develops mainly in the sea area.

Mr. Stylianidis requested that the Seismic Risk Assessment Committee remain on guard and constantly monitor the developments in order to be convened again if necessary.

For more information and instructions on self-protection from earthquakes, citizens can visit the websites of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection at and the Organization for Earthquake Planning and Protection at