“Protathlitis cinctorrensis”: Villarreal’s dinosaur-mascot for the club’s 100 years


Day of celebration with a Greek flavor for the Villarreal!

The “yellow submarines” are celebrating this year 100 years from the day of their foundation with the management of the club proceeding to a ceremony for both years since the conquest of Europa League.

Thus, at a day at “Theramika” the association’s leaders presented in an ecological and Greek way a new species of dinosaur that was discovered in the province of Castegion to which they gave the name “Protathylitis cinctorrensis”.

Apparently the first part of the name refers to the Europa League trophy while the second is an acknowledgment of the city and the inhabitants of the place where the fossils were found.

It is worth noting that the dinosaur species lived before 127 million years very close to where Villarreal’s historic headquarters are currently located.

Source: Sport Fm

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