Italy: “The elections in the three constituencies of Italy were held absolutely smoothly and with great participation,” Ambassador Eleni Sourani told APE-MPE

In order to exercise their right to vote, 373 of our compatriots were registered in the electoral rolls in Italy. Three polling stations were set up, in our embassy in Rome, in the Greek Community of Milan and in the Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice. In her statement to APE-MPE, after the completion of the procedure, the ambassador of our country in Italy, Eleni Sourani, underlined:

“The elections in the three electoral divisions of Italy were held absolutely smoothly and with great participation. Despite unfavorable weather conditions in many parts of the country, our compatriots traveled from all over Italy to Rome, Milan and Venice to exercise their right to vote. Indicative of the desire of our fellow citizens to vote is the fact that we even had attendance from Sicily and Apulia.

It would be remiss not to express our thanks to the Italian authorities for their assistance so that this day is a celebration of democracy for all of us who participated in the electoral process.”

France: Large turnout of Greeks at the polling stations of Paris, Strasbourg, Nice and Nantes

France got a taste of elections in Greece yesterday, with the vast majority of the approximately one thousand Greeks who took care to be registered in the electoral rolls coming to the polling stations in Paris, Strasbourg, Nice and Nantes, while the French media covered the Greek parliamentary elections with extensive responses, articles and tributes.

The economic newspaper Les Échos published a series of articles and analyzes with the titles “Greece is doing well despite the difficulties”, “How Mitsotakis became a prominent figure of the European right” and “Greece. A two-speed economic miracle”, while regarding the political newspapers, Figaro finds “Return of political instability in Greece”, Monde notes that “Mitsotakis wants a second term against instability”, while Liberation speaks of “Political instability” but also for “apathy” of the voters, focusing her interest on the acute, as she mentions, problems of the Greek youth. The radio and television media are also moving up and down on the same wavelength, with France Info showing a report entitled “Parliamentary elections in Greece: between inflation and economic recovery, voters waver between right and left”, France24 emphasizing “in Greece, the economy, the main stake of the parliamentary elections” and BFMTV to state on the occasion of the elections that “the Greek economy has recovered”.

Britain: The vote of the Greeks in the United Kingdom

At 9:00 a.m. Greek time, the voting of the Greeks of the United Kingdom began yesterday Saturday. 4,938 people were registered in the Special Electoral Lists, while 12 polling stations were created throughout the country. Of these eight in London (3,982 registered) and one each in Edinburgh (282), Glasgow (150), Birmingham (274) and Leeds (250).

More specifically, the polling stations were as follows:

– London: 4 polling stations at the Embassy (1A Holland Park, W11 3TP) and 4 at the Greek School (3 Pierrepoint Rd, W3 9JR West Acton).

– Glasgow: at the Greek School of St. Luke (Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Luke, 27 Dundonald Rd, Glasgow G12 9LL)

– Edinburgh: at the Greek School of St. Andreas of Edinburgh, which is housed in the plot of the old Greek Orthodox Church of Ag. Andreas, 2 Meadow Ln, Edinburg, EH8 9 NR

– Leeds: in the building of the Greek Orthodox Community of Leeds, The three Hierarchs, 57 Harehills Avenue, Leeds LS8 4EU

– Birmingham: at the building of the Hellenic Cypriot Home, (The Midlands Greek and Cypriot Association, Magnet Center Park Approach, Birmingham B23 7SJ)

Belgium: “We were delighted by the great participation of the people in the electoral process”, said the Press Counselor of the Greek Embassy, ​​Th. Thomopoulos

The electoral process in Belgium went smoothly, with four polling stations operating. The polls opened at 7 am (Belgium time) and closed at 19.00, while there were a total of four divisions: three in Brussels – at the Embassy of Greece, with 1562 registered, while a division with 68 registered operated in Antwerp.

The Press Counselor of the Embassy of Greece in Belgium, Thomas Thomopoulos spoke of “a historic day since for the first time Greek voters exercised their right to vote from their place of residence abroad”.

“The process was completed successfully and everything went smoothly. We were delighted by the great participation of the people, especially the participation of young people. It was a day of celebration for the Greeks of Belgium and there were many Greeks who came to exercise their right to vote, as families with their children,” added Mr. Thomopoulos.

In the four electoral divisions of Belgium, 1,387 of the 1,630 registered voters voted.

In particular, 451 voted in the first Brussels electoral division, 437 in the second, 436 in the third and 63 in the Antwerp electoral division.