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Nathalia Durval

This Sunday, May 21, is celebrated International Tea Day, a date established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2019.

The event emerged as a way to celebrate the benefits and economic importance of tea, the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water, according to a report by the organization.

Tea table served at Chá Yê

Tea table served at Chá Yê

Tea table served at Chá Yê – Chá Yê/Reproduction/Instagram

Often linked to a habit of the British, tea actually emerged in China about 4,700 years ago. The country is one of the main producers of the delicacy, along with other Asian nations.

By definition, the word tea designates only the drink prepared with tea leaves. Camellia sinensis. It is divided into four groups: white, oolong, green and black teas. Infusions are made by soaking herbs, flowers and fruits in hot water.

The capital of São Paulo has different stores and specialized houses, which offer teas and infusions to drink in the salon or to prepare at home. Discover five options below.

Yê tea

On the menu, there are varieties of teas such as yellow, green, white, oolong, dark, black and flower. Among them, the rou gui is made with molasses, spices, apricot and caramel, and the white cloud jasmine is made with notes of jasmine, honey and herbs. The individual service costs BRL 15 per person. The teas served there are produced by small farmers in China.
R. Fradique Coutinho, 344, Pinheiros, west region, WhatsApp (11) 93012-0692, @chayebr

Mori Chazeria

Headed by tea sommelier Patrícia Akemi, the Japanese house is located near Avenida Paulista and offers around 25 teas and infusions to try. Among the flavors are sencha, a green tea with a floral aroma that is widely consumed in Japan, and masala chai, a mixture of black tea with herbs and spices. Served in a teapot, they cost from R$15.90.
R. Coronel Oscar Porto, 267, Paraíso, south region, WhatsApp (11) 97153-6290, @mori.chazeria


The brand was created in 2010 by Monica and Mariana, mother and daughter. On the menu are classic teas, infusions and drinks with Brazilian mate. One of the best-selling options is the sleep ritual infusion, which combines blackberry leaves, lavender, calendula, basil and eucalyptus. Another request is the one that mixes yerba mate and cocoa husks. Drinks can be tasted in stores or purchased on the website.
Shopping Pátio Higienópolis – av. Higienópolis, 618, Higienópolis, central region, @atalcha

Tea Connection

The Argentinian chain prepares mixtures made with herbs from different parts of the world. Iced teas are the flagship. They appear in options such as power matchá, made with the green powder that comes from Camellia sinensis, vanilla and skimmed or vegetable milk (R$20), and the tropical coconut (R$17), with oolong tea, coconut, orange and pineapple juice. To eat, it serves brunch, salads, sandwiches and dishes made with a healthy footprint.
Al. Lorena, 1271, Jardins, West Region, @teaconnectionbrasil

Inside Tea Connection

Inside Tea Connection

Iced teas served at Tea Connection – Inside Br/Disclosure


Founded in 2007 by Sylvia Rodrigues and Ana Claudi, mother and daughter, the house serves tea in ceramic tableware on flowered tablecloths. The space has a garden and a charming lounge, surrounded by plants and vintage decor. They prepare about a hundred combinations of teas and infusions, with ingredients from producers in several countries.
R. Alexandre Dumas, 1049, Santo Amaro, south region, @teakettlecasadechas


Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation

The house-museum serves a famous afternoon tea every Sunday in the residence’s elegantly decorated salon. Teas and infusions are offered to accompany sweet and savory dishes. Reservations are required by calling (11) 3742-0077 and (11) 3742-4162 or by email [email protected].
Av. Morumbi, 4077, Morumbi, west region, @fundacaooscaramericano

Tea room of the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation, in Morumbi

Tea room of the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation, in Morumbi

Tea room of the Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation, in Morumbi – Bruno Santos/Folhapress

Source: Folha

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