Susana Werner announces the end of her 21-year marriage to Julio Cesar


Actress and former model Susana Werner, 45, announced through social media the end of her marriage to former Flamengo and Brazilian national team goalkeeper Julio Cesar, 43.

“It is with great sadness that we announce our separation, after 21 years of marriage. We hope that everyone understands this difficult moment of decisions that we are living”, she began with the caption of a photo in which the former couple appears with their children.

“In common agreement, we decided that we will be following our dreams, our paths in the best possible way, preserving the affection we have for our family”, he concluded.

The couple maintained a discreet relationship. In 2018, however, there was a controversy in which both were involved. At the end of January of that year, after Julio, who lived in Portugal with his family, was announced in the Rio team, Susana showed dissatisfaction with the decision of her then husband – he signed a three-month contract and would receive a symbolic salary.

“I have many things that keep me here. The most important are my children. I would never leave them to live in Brazil”, said Susana on Instagram.

According to her, who had a store in Portugal, work and her children’s school would prevent her from leaving the European country. Susana also stated that Julio made the decision on his own, without consulting her.

“Of course we love each other, everything was wonderful. On Saturday, we were bowling. On Sunday, I was called to receive this news. Wonderful. And what was the news? I’m going to be happy and I’ll be right back.” Shortly after, Werner deleted the videos.

Source: Folha

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