New case of fraud occurred this time in the municipality of Nea Propontida, Halkidiki, as two men, 45 and 36 years old, who pretended to be PPC employees, stole money and jewelry from an elderly woman from her home.

The fraudsters were arrested, following coordinated investigations by the Moudania Security Police.

In the case filed against them, their accomplice is also included, whose details have been identified.

As emerged from the investigation, the perpetrators, yesterday (May 21, 2023) morning pretending to be PPC employees, entered in an old woman’s home and under the guise of business, they asked her to collect money and jewels in a safe place.

Then and without being noticed, they took jewelry and money collected by the sufferer, of total value 10,050 euros, according to her statement and escaped.

The police located and arrested at noon of the same day the 2 of the above nationals, while they handed over to the victim part of the jewelry and the amount of money they took.

Those arrested, with the case filed against them, will be taken ton First District Prosecutor of Polygyros.

The General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, with the aim of avoiding deception of citizens by astute people, advises:

Always inform the police authorities, even in the event of an attempted fraud against you.
Be especially wary of unknown persons who attempt to enter your home under various pretexts and tricks.
Do not be persuaded by strangers who pose as employees of a Public Service or other body to fix a technical problem, if you have not previously called them.
Do not be easily convinced by people who “approach” you as acquaintances of relatives and friends.
Be especially wary when strangers try to convince you to pay a sum of money, under the pretext of an urgent need of a relative or friend (eg hospitalization). They may try the same over the phone. For the same reasons do not give in to invitations to meet (dates, etc.).
In cases where strangers invoke an emergency of your acquaintance – relative, always try to contact your acquaintance – relative by phone yourself, to confirm what they invoke. The communication should be done with your own phone and on your own initiative and you should not accept to speak with a person who was called by strangers.
In any case, state that you are not going to hand over money if your acquaintances-relatives do not show up.
Do not under any circumstances accept unknown persons to lead you to a Credit Shop or ATM to withdraw a sum of money.
Do not be convinced when strangers ask you to pay money for debts of acquaintances or relatives in public services or in shops – companies for buying goods – offering services.
It is pointed out that hospitals or public services do not use the practice of their employees going to homes or public places and asking citizens to pay money for services they provide.
Always have available the phone numbers you need to contact in case of emergency (Police, Fire, Hospitals, close relatives, etc.).