An electoral agent was sentenced by the Autonomous Single-Member Misdemeanor Court to 9 months in prison, with a 3-year suspension, for an incident she caused with an electoral agent in a polling station in Toumpa, in Thessaloniki, during the process of counting the ballots, last Sunday evening.

According to the case file, the 45-year-old accused, who was an election representative of a party, disagreed with the counting of votes, as she believed that a ballot paper should be invalidated because it had two crosses next to the candidates’ names.

The judicial representative, after contacting the registrar, decided that the ballot should be counted normally.

A verbal confrontation followed with the accused “indulging in a non-stop monologue”, as the legal representative testified in court.

“I made a detailed report on the incident and called the Immediate Action,” she said, stressing that a representative of the party then appeared and apologized for the 45-year-old’s behavior.

“He did not allow me to exercise my rights,” the defendant said in her apology, denying the act of disrupting the electoral process. In addition, she was convicted for the act of refusing to be fingered. She appealed the decision and was released.