The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs announced completion 3,449 new, permanent teacher appointments in General Education, distributed as follows: 1,644 in Primary Education, 1,744 in Secondary Education and 61 in the PE79 Branch of Music for Secondary Music Schools.

The additional permanent appointments of 400 teachers in Special Education and Education will take place after the final assessment tables are issued by ASEP.

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Minister Niki Kerameos stated: “We are completing the work of the New Democracy Government and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, ensuring the fuller staffing of our schools for the new year and appointing, after 12 years, almost 28,500 permanent teachers and members of the Special Educational and Auxiliary Staff. With careful planning and undivided interest in the educational community, we have implemented a permanent and fair request to strengthen the permanent staff, which gives teachers the opportunity for professional stability and advancement, and students and schools the opportunity to optimally meet educational needs .”