The 30-year-old former employee of a courier company, who 2 years ago after an argument with a businessman, in the Industrial Area of ​​Patras, he ran him over with the car while reversing, as a result of which he seriously injured him.

The businessman, with blows to his face and other parts of his body, was hospitalized for a long time, facing health problems even after his discharge from the hospital. At the trial, he testified that after the argument over a trivial matter, the defendant reversed intending to kill him.

The defendant, in his apology, said – among other things – that “confused” and that, instead of 1st gear, he put it in reverse! He also said that he constantly called the victim to inquire about his health, which was denied by the prosecution witnesses. After the sentencing decision, he appealed and was released, after he was given a suspended sentence for attempted murder with intent and in fact serially, until the second-degree trial.

The Court was not convinced, since in video security camera shows all the movement of his car and how he reached the businessman and hit him… with a fork.