In the early hours of today in a health care store in the area of ​​Kozani, a 49-year-old man attacked a 52-year-old patron of the store with a sword without injuring him, while he insulted six other patrons and walked away.

Police forces were immediately mobilized, where the 49-year-old was located at his home in the area of ​​Kozani, who, in sight of the police, first threatened them with a sword, then shot at least seven arrows at them using a bow, and then attacked them with spray pepper.

Police officers managed to immobilize the 49-year-old, while two police officers were slightly injured during the arrest.

In the possession of the 49-year-old and at his home, an imitation weapon, a sword with a blade length of 70 cm, a knife with a blade length of 10 cm, two bows, a quiver with 10 arrows, two pairs of rattles and two pepper sprays were found and confiscated.

A case file was also filed against the 49-year-old for the offenses of violence against officials and judicial persons, intimidation, threats, insults and weapons legislation.

The arrested person will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Kozani, while the Serbian Police Department initiated a preliminary investigation into the case.