A 30-year-old man received the greatest gift of life from his father at the University Hospital of Ioannina.

And that was the kidney! The 30-year-old suffered from chronic end-stage renal failure and was on kidney replacement for several years.

According to epiruspost.gr, his father, only 59 years old, made the big decision and it was he who donated one of his kidneys to his son.

This complex procedure was carried out by staff of the Transplantation Unit of the University Hospital of Ioannina, with the necessary and important support of staff of the Anesthesiology Clinic and the nursing staff of the operating room.

The postoperative condition of both the donor and the recipient is judged to be excellent, with satisfactory functioning of the renal graft.

Despite the obviously strong emotional bond of the donor to the recipient, the living donation of a kidney transplant is an act of supreme bravery and a shining example of humanity and giving for all of us.

This is the 2nd kidney transplant that has been carried out this year, while at the same time the Unit’s staff have also taken 9 organs from deceased donors in our area.