Their first lesson Vocational Lyceum (EPAL) candidates sit for the Pan-Hellenic Examinations today. They are examined in Modern Greek, which is a General Education course.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 2, the GEL candidates will also “enter” the All-Hellenic competition, with the examination of the Modern Greek Language and Literature (General Education) course.

This year’s commencement of the Pan-Hellenic Exams comes after two days of suffering for a portion of high school graduates, who were unable to complete their internal exams on Monday as scheduled due to cyber-attacks on the Subject Bank system and the long delays that they caused.

However, the ministries of Education and Digital Governance have assured, with a joint statement they issued last Tuesday, that the Pan-Hellenic Examinations will be held “normally and with absolute security”, pointing out that the EDYTE platform – which received the malicious attacks – “is completely distinct from the Pan-Hellenic subject transmission system Exams”.

Beginning of exams for high schools as well

It is reminded that today, in addition to the opening day of the All-Hellenic Examinations for GEL candidates, is also the first day of examinations for high school students. The secondary and high school graduation exams will last until June 15.