By Antonis Anzoletou

All the parties have an important advantage in the next elections that they will rush to take advantage of. The data they have is “fresh” in relation to the audiences that preferred them or turned their backs on them. They now know where they should address per region and which social groups should be approached more closely. Even from the results of the elections, they can draw useful conclusions. The fact, for example, that New Democracy promoted popular neighborhoods that were considered “castles” of SYRIZAsuch as Western Athens and Second Piraeus has sent an “alarm” to Koumoundourou, as in the specific areas it is at risk of losing another seat if the result does not change.

A great victory, according to the exit polls, allegedly achieved by New Democracy in the agricultural world. The figures indicate that 47.5% voted for her against 13.4% for PASOK and 13% for SYRIZA. For the self-employed, it is assumed that their vote was greatly influenced by George Katrougalos’ “falsus” regarding their taxation. The party of Kyriakos Mitsotakis voted 54% of the self-employed category and Alexis Tsipras just 17.3%. And among the unemployed, however, the blue faction dominated, receiving 33.4% of their votes against 26% achieved by Koumoundourou. Among private employees, SYRIZA prevailed by a small margin. He received their support by 29.1%, leaving New Democracy behind at 27.8%.

The most interesting element from the exit polls was that 19% of those who participated in the process decided at the last minute to cast more ballots. It is the largest percentage that has ever been recorded and the interviews with citizens that took place outside the polling stations showed that over 50% chose New Democracy and only 13% SYRIZA. What does this mean; How the blue faction literally at the last minute won seven extra points from SYRIZA. And this partially justifies the large deviation of the polls from the final result. Of course, this fact also raises a very important question: will the specific audience make the same choice in the next match? This is why in New Democracy they are not complacent about SYRIZA and PASOK expect something better on June 25. The undecideds “code” is an extremely important factor that will shape the final balances. And they will be largely targeted by the leaders and executives in the tours they will make. The pollsters estimate that the specific audience will not be that big on the next election Sunday.

The predominance of New Democracy among the younger generation cannot be excluded from the equation, changing the image of 2019. More than 33% preferred it, with SYRIZA trailing by about seven points.