The second Apple Scrabble tournament which took place on May 27 and 28, 2023 at the Milos conference center gave two amazing days to those who participated.

Although the organizers were pioneers, the organization was flawless. The conference center hall of Milos, which hosted the tournament, provided all the comforts, the buffet with sweets and food and good weather.

The visitors and participants came from one end of Greece to the other and they all had a friendly mood and fun. Winners and losers shook hands for fair competition and once again came to the conclusion that this type of sport refers to all ages and upgrades thinking, knowledge and civilized human relations.

The Milos team that started the meetings in February 2022 with the increase in participants, with the help and financial support of the Panhellenic Scrabble Union and with the catalytic assistance of Nomikos Sotiropoulos Stavros evolved into a Club and is the eighth Scrabble Club of Greece.

All the members of the newly formed group volunteered and tirelessly worked for the event and are already looking forward to the next one. Twenty-one players from Veria, Athens, Ptolemaida, Alexandroupoli, Thessaloniki and Rhodes arrived on our island and together with the local fifteen players took part in the seven games held at the “Georgios Iliopoulos” Convention Center of Milos.

As far as performance is concerned, the first place was won by Alichanidis Sokratis from Alexandroupoli, the second by Thrasos Myrsinis from Thessaloniki and the third by Kyrkos Aikaterinaris also from Thessaloniki.

The organization won even more friends and sees the future with high goals. Milos is not only colors of the earth and history, but also innovative events with brains and … words!