Her optimism that the result of the national elections on June 25 will be positive for her Freedom Sailing expressed the president of the party Zoe Konstantopoulouspeaking in the morning on the show “Today” on SKAI.

“The people don’t eat “bad grass”, they understand that those who have already ruled, will not do anything different now”, said Zoe Konstantopoulou, adding that the citizens “need defense and not formal opposition”.

When asked how she comments on the “collapse of SYRIZA”, the president of Plefsis Eleftherias estimated that it is due to the fact that “citizens expected a different kind of defense”.

He also noted that the ruling party maintained its strength because “it had no opposition.”

Mrs. Konstantopoulou also said that her party, if it enters the Parliament, will fill the “vacuum that exists in the opposition”, as “in every bill we will be present, read, awake and prepared for substantial interventions”.

He noted, in fact, that he will activate the regulation of the hearing of bodies, which provides for the participation of citizens in bills that come up for debate in Parliament, so that they can be informed and express themselves.

Regarding the question of whether there is a question of a new leadership in SYRIZA in the event that the percentages are even more unfavorable in the upcoming elections, Mrs. Konstantopoulou said that she “doesn’t care”, as she noted that she does not think that the persons will change the condition.