At the start of this year’s tourist season, which according to the forecasts is expected to move at very good levels, the professionals of the beaches feel that they are unprotected, as their work is made difficult by various factors.

One of them and the most important is the power outages that cause damage to their stores. And if it’s various grid failures as happened in previous summers, as they point out, they can kind of understand it, but when power outages are scheduled like last Sunday, when the season has already started, they can’t understand it.

It is recalled that on Sunday, May 28, there was a power outage planned by DEDDIE in the coastal areas: Omolio, Stomio, Karitsa, North-West part in Kokkino Nero, Ano and Kato Aegani, Messagala, Kastri Loutro, Kouloura, Paleopyrgos, Karavia, from 8 a.m. morning to 2 in the afternoon, i.e. peak hours.

Several catering establishments or hotel-accommodation units have already started their operation and started receiving visitors, but the beginning was very bad as due to the power cut they could not even serve a coffee.

Café and beach bar owners, in particular, are furious with the situation and ask that the phenomenon not be repeated. In addition, last Sunday the electricity was restored not at 2 pm. as planned, but 3.22 p.m., resulting in the loss of the day and the damage to their shops being great, the tourist season has not yet really started.