Police and Fire Department… “raise their hands”! The “clearing” of accounts at night is now done by arson of vehicles, which has increased in recent times. Gambling, drugs, brawls and financial differences “push” some people to pay to burn the vehicles of those who have come into conflict.

Yesterday at dawn, Tuesday 6/06/2023, another car arson was recorded on Antheias Street, in Patras.

They burned the vehicle of the ex-wife of a well-known Patrinos who had been involved in the night and had become the fear and terror of “circuits”.

A few days ago they had sent the first “message” with gas canisters on his own vehicle. Now they also burned his ex-wife, with whom they have a child, maintain good relations and even uses her vehicle.

He had been arrested a few days ago for extortion, had been scheduled for trial and had been released. In fact, the fire in his own car had started while he was a prisoner in the Patras Security for extortion with 350 euros! Months ago he was involved in an episode with an “opponent” in the night circuits, where not only had they “clashed” but even shots (in the air) had been fired.

He also played a leading role in a serious incident on Eleftheriou Venizelou street, near Eglykada.

The prosecuting authorities are afraid of reprisals, as the victim has proven that he “doesn’t chew”!