The 4-man Red team could be in a very difficult position if the Fighters get the second immunity as well. The first lost immunity seems to have shaken a friendship of 5 months if not more. Who knows where a second loss would lead. Be that as it may, the Reds won’t have to find out, for now at least, as they managed to win the match with an unbeaten Sakis Katsoulis.

The Blues learned from the wins and now after back-to-back days of immunity, they had to vote out a teammate again. This process is never bloodless no matter how calmly the teams want to show that they will manage it.

Nevertheless, even after the latest developments, the main problem in the hut was not the upcoming blue vote, but the past red one. The same pattern prevailed in the Withdrawal Council, with Konstantinos Vassalos and Marialena Roumeliotis monopolizing the interest with whether their lycophilia exists.

On the other hand, the Fighters almost silently voted, nominated Asimakopoulos, and go to the next match. Giorgos was not only not surprised by his nomination, but he accepted the vote of his teammates as justified, since the options available are too few.