The trial of Prosecutor Kyriaka Kliaba at the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki, in the trial for the murder of Alkis Kampanos and the wounding of his two friends, on the fateful night of February 1, 2022, in Harilaou, concludes today. Ms. Kliaba is expected to analyze the roles and participation of the remaining six defendants and will end up submitting her proposal.

This will be followed by the procurement of the prosecution and defense lawyers of the defendants. The Prosecutor was a catapult on the second day of her hearing yesterday, referring to the first six defendants.

He repeated that the 12 defendants went to kill, asserting among other things that… “in the fans you don’t shoot, or hit the carotid artery with a knife. You want to offer pain, except that they wanted to kill that night.”

He then began outlining the role of each of the twelve defendants claiming for the 1st defendant that he indulged in successive contradictions and lies, while referring to the action of the 10th defendant he said that… “The strike of the 10th defendant with the sickle is a given on the left elk’s thigh. He was not satisfied with the blows he inflicted on the other two children, but like a raging bull he rushed at Alkis to take revenge on everyone. But he didn’t manage to hit him the way he wanted. It was Alkis who resisted with all the strength he had left.”

He characterized the confession of the 2nd accused as “a travesty” that he managed the fatal blow to the right thigh of ‘Alkis which caused the femoral artery to be eaten away. “There is no such thing as a fatal blow,” clarified the Prosecutor.

For the 3rd accused he pointed out that he was in the “battle field” for at least 45 seconds and that he was not a “spectator”. “He participated with his hammer and mercilessly hit whoever he found in front of him”, were the words of the Prosecutor.

For the 4th defendant who had initially fled to Albania and was then handed over to the Greek prosecuting authorities, the Prosecutor emphasized that he had an important role in the commission of the crime.

He placed the 6th defendant outside the “battle field”, but emphasized that his assistance was decisive for the outcome.

Ms. Kliaba left sharp points at the expense of the technical advisors, completely deconstructing their claims, while she completely adopted the report of the medical examiner Leda Kovatsis, arguing that the death of Alkis Kampanos did not come from just one blow.