It expressly forbids swimming on the beach of Navagio Zakynthos relevant gazette of the port authority of Zakynthos while no one can set foot on the beach anymore.

In accordance with GAZETTE those who want to see the famous beach up close can approach it only by watercraft and provided that their stay will last 20 minutes.

Also, the ships, which can stay inside the bay it is forbidden to drop anchor as well as to approach the beach and the slopes.

The limits set by the Port Authority of Zakynthos are at 50 meters from every point of the coast or the beach or the slopes.

Specifically, among other things, in the Official Gazette entitled “Definition of the limits of a safe sea zone within which the approach of any motorized or non-motorized floating means is exclusively permitted to the “Navagio” Cove of Zakynthos”, it is provided that:

  • The entry within the safe sea zone in Navagio bay will be carried out from the northern end of Navagio bay of Zakynthos towards the southern end to exit it. The maximum time of their approach within the designated safe sea zone from their entry into the “Navagio” bay of Zakynthos will be twenty (20) minutes per hour.
  • From 08:00 to 15:30 of each day, a total of fifteen (15) motorized or non-motorized floating vehicles are allowed to approach simultaneously within the designated safe sea zone of the Zakynthos Shipwreck Bay, of which ten (10) will be E/G -T/R and E/P-T/R and the remaining five (05) will be ships/boats of other categories (private ships/recreational boats, chartered boats/t/h