They could not bear to see the Skopelos Health Center experiencing daily tragic shortages and reacted. The reason for the doctors of the island’s Health Center that they list in a letter all the shortcomings and gaps that exist, stressing that despite their repeated notification to the administration of the 5th Ministry of Education. and in the Municipality of Skopelos, the problems remain unsolved, and in the middle of the tourist season they make it significantly more difficult to carry out their work.

In particular, the Director of the Skopelos Hospital as well as the rural doctors who serve on the island state in their letter:

“The Skopelos Health Center is not an exception to the rule of shortcomings of the public health system. Nevertheless, the difficult access to secondary and tertiary health facilities on the mainland exacerbates the problem and greatly complicates the provision of health services.

  1. The main issue is the coverage of only one out of the 5 organic positions of General Practitioners of the KY, as a result of which general practitioners are constantly being moved from the rest of the Ministry of Health. for on-call coverage.
  2. At the same time, every day at least one EKAB shift remains unfilled by driver, as K.Y. employs only four drivers, although it has three ambulances.
  3. As far as transfers are concerned, it is also essential to mention that the marking lights at the island’s helipad have not been working for a year, with the result that air transportation becomes unfeasible at night.
  4. Also, the only public structure of the island lacks a microbiological laboratory. On a regular basis, patients are forced to be served by private diagnostic laboratories only on weekday mornings.
  5. well, one of the major shortcomings is the absence of an operator of the modern X-ray machine which has the K.Y. In the summer there is a rapid increase in traffic accidents, the majority of which require radiological imaging. Also, most workers in the tourism sector need a health certificate, for the issuance of which an X-ray is required. Since there is no contracted x-ray laboratory on the island, patients are forced to pay a simple x-ray at a price many times the actual cost at the only private laboratory on the island.

Despite the repeated notification of the above to the administration of the 5th Ministry of Education. and in the Municipality of Skopelos, the problems remain unsolved and now going through the tourist season they constitute significant difficulties for the accomplishment of our work.

We ask for the obvious, to cover the deficiencies, so that we can provide the best possible services to the patients and that there are no discounts in the way of practicing Medicine”.

The Director of General Medicine of K.Y. Skopelos

Eleni Salakidou

The rural doctors of Skopelos

Niki Zaga

Yannis Koukoulitsios

Andreas Oikonomidis

Asimina Pachi

Athena Tsoukaraki

Stella Hadjiefraimidou”