The reaction of the president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Athanasios Exadaktilos, was caused by the statements of the professor of epidemiology and SYRIZA candidate for parliament, Athena Linou, who, in her statement during the presentation of the party’s health program, emphasized: “All the families we are blessed to have guys, we lived and grew up with our children’s pediatrician. But unfortunately he was rarely an employee of the National Social Security. Most of the time it was a private person who was so nice and warm to us, the more money we could give him.’

Its placement provoked the reaction of Mr. Exadaktylos, who in his announcement emphasizes:

“After the insulting statements about the operation of the EKAV, yesterday’s statement by Mrs. Linou about the country’s pediatricians offends the entire medical world.

The primitive distinction between the ‘good’ state doctor and the ‘bad’ private person, while Health is being grinded on the millstones of party, pre-election debates, negatively contributes to the necessary consensus needed for Health problems and their successful treatment”.

He announced and issued the Medical Association of Athensasking Ms. Lignou to apologize:

“The Medical Association of Athens expresses its indignation at the statements of Professor Athena Linou that insult the medical world and degrade the important work it offers to the patient and the health system. We call on Ms. Linou to speak as a scientist and not as a representative of a party that did nothing to improve the health system.

All these years, freelance doctors have been supporting Primary Health Care, which is underperforming in the public health system, while they selflessly fought the battle against the pandemic, putting their lives at risk.

They have distinguished themselves not only for their high scientific level but also for their non-profit offering to the patient. More than 500 freelance doctors participate in the ISA Social Clinic and many more provide their services in voluntary groups.

ISA emphasizes that the medical world remains underpaid and with difficult working conditions, compared to doctors, in other European countries. For this reason, there is a large immigration of young doctors, as a result of which there is already a problem in the coverage of many specialties, especially in the region and in public health structures.

Health without doctors does not exist.

Let’s show the medical world the respect and appreciation it deserves.”