Thessaloniki: The 26-year-old is under investigation and 19 people in the car for last Saturday’s episodes


The 26-year-old woman who was arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails in last Saturday’s episodes is being taken to the investigator after the end of the protest march by collectives of the anti-authoritarian space for the police operations of the previous days in occupied AUTh premises. Another 19 people arrested for the same incidents are taken to the Single-Member Misdemeanor Court with the spontaneous procedure

A total of 27 arrests were made and after the indictment seven were released (two minors, one woman with a health problem and four who are prosecuted only for drug possession).

Against the young woman who will apologize to the investigator, the prosecutor of first instance prosecuted -among other things- for three crimes (possession of explosives, explosion and arson with danger to humans). All the others are accused of misdemeanors (disturbance of the common peace, disobedience and violation of the law on public gatherings).

Groups of solidarity have gathered in view of their transfer to the Courts of Thessaloniki, who on Sunday afternoon suddenly mobilized in front of the Police Headquarters of the city, where the arrested are being held.

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