Erdogan calls for “herd” of unmanned vessels for the seas – What he said about Blue Homeland


Tayyip Erdogan’s references to the “Blue Homeland”, the theory that encompasses all Turkish bigotry, were continuous, during his speech on the launch of the UFUK corvette.

“The security of our country, which is surrounded by three seas, can be achieved with the best protection of the ‘Blue Homeland’ ‘. “For the security of the ‘Blue Homeland’ ‘we are taking many steps that strengthen the fleet in order for it to acquire a greater deterrent force”, he stated characteristically.

At the same time, Erdogan announced unmanned vessels (boats) that will go out as “whole herds” in the seas, just a few days after the arrival of the first 6 rafale fighters in Greece that will change the correlations in the ethers.

“With the experience we have gained from the construction of unmanned aircraft, we are building armed unmanned vessels. “Now we are working on the systems which will circulate like a herd at sea,” he said.

In the secret services the corvette UFUK

Regarding the UFUK corvette, Erdogan announced that it will belong to the Turkish secret services and will be managed by MIT.

SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis explained that according to Turkish media, UFUK will operate in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean with the task of intervening in the electronic systems of other countries and other ships, spying and gathering information.

“Our secret services in every field enhance their capabilities. Our new ship that we receive, brings new greater possibilities to our secret services. “With this ship, which has few secret intelligence services and has the most modern equipment, I believe that our power on land, on the air and at sea will increase,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan is in Albania today

The Turkish president will visit Albania today at the invitation of Edi Rama.

The talks will focus on economic and defense relations between the two countries, while Erdogan will inaugurate a mosque restored by Turkey and homes he financed after the great earthquake in Albania.

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