Ottawa is investing C$350 million (€243 million) to support the aerospace industry’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality, Canada’s Industry Minister announced at Bourget’s report.

The funding, 49 million of which was announced in 2019, will allow Canadian projects related to hybrid and alternative forms of propulsion, the transition to alternative fuels, aircraft systems and infrastructure to support the latter to proceed, noted Francois-Philippe Saban, according to the press release published by his services.

It will “enable to accelerate the green shift of the Canadian aerospace sector and create good jobs while simultaneously strengthening supply chains and strengthening the transition to a climate-neutral economy,” he stressed.

In October 2022, members of the United Nations aviation agency set a target of 2050 for the aviation industry, often criticized for its role in climate change, to achieve climate neutrality.

As it accounts for 2.5 to 3% of global CO2 emissions, the sector’s transition to renewable fuels remains difficult, although industry and energy companies are looking for solutions.

The Canadian Industry Minister made the announcement at the salon [την έκθεση] of Bourget, where he was cheered by Canadian companies. Canada’s export-driven aerospace sector employs about 210,000 people and contributes at least C$27 billion to the economy, according to official government data.