Continued from Ministry of Immigration and Asylum the care of the rescued at the Reception and Identification Center (KYT) Malakasas.

They have been transferred to this particular structureso far, accompanied by echelons of the ministry, altogether 86 rescued, including 5 unaccompanied minors. The minors were then transferred to Emergency Shelters. Among the 86 are also 10 people who were hospitalized until recently at the Kalamata hospital and were transferred to the Malakasa Hospital yesterday afternoon.

As stated in the relevant announcement, “The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum has been helping from the first moment decisively in the provision of humanitarian aidproviding health care from the structure’s doctors, as well as support for vulnerable groups, such as in the case of unaccompanied minors”.

To the rescued he’s got offered the necessary clothing, the necessary meals are provided and they stay in cabins of the structure. In addition, communication rooms have been created, in which the beneficiaries have the possibility of accessing social media to communicate with their relatives.

In the structure of Malakasa, the rescued people are received, recorded and identified, while those in charge have informed them of their rights. In this context, international protection application procedures continue.

Alongside, from Saturday 17 JuneThe Disaster Victim Identification Team is based in the “Keranis” building of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum in order to provide further assistance in the effort to identify the victims of the shipwreck, in cooperation with the Central Port Authority of Kalamata, the General Secretariat for Reception of Asylum Seekers of the ministry and the General Secretariat Civil Protection.

To enhance this purpose has been set call center in immediate operation (help desk), from Monday to Friday (from 09:00 to 19:00) to provide information to families and relatives of the shipwreck victims in English, Arabic, Pashto and Urdu by calling 213 1386000 or by email – email at [email protected].

It will also be held in the Keranis building the reception of the relatives of the victims for their examination and the collection of biological material (DNA), after relevant consultation with them.

In the search for relatives of the victims and the rescued, the Red Cross also contributes.

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum aims to ensure the safety of the rescuedin ensuring their well-being through the provision of decent living conditions and of course in the smooth operation of all the necessary procedures for the submission and examination of asylum.