About a year after the trial court, revived again yesterday at the Mixed Court of Appeal of Larissa this time, the case of sexual abuse of a primary school student by her teacher in the village of Trikala.

In a climate of tension and strong emotional charge, the 27-year-old girl today testified that in the fall of 2007, when she was a fifth grader, was abused by the defendant inside a primary school classroom.

The abuse, as the girl testified, continued at the teacher’s house for two years, until she entered high school. The case after all came to justice several years later and specifically in 2020 when her sister confessed to a social worker the abuse that the then minor girl had allegedly suffered from the accused.

Yesterday, he was accused of sexual acts with a minor 64 year old now retired teacher but also the mother of the victim who is accused of complicity in the above act as, as the girl testified, she had reported to her mother the abuse she suffered but still continued to send her to the accused’s house to do private lessons.

The two defendants they had been convicted at first instance by the Joint Assize Court of Larissa in May 2022 to a prison sentence of 8 years, with the appeal having suspensive force.

The court had then decided the guilt of the accused by a majority of 6-1 and the accused by a majority of 4-3.

In that court the defendant, in his plea, he had refused that he carried out the specific acts and emphasized that the case had essentially been “orchestrated” by the girl’s family. In fact, he claimed the same thing yesterday when during the girl’s testimony – which lasted almost six hours – he asked for the removal of her telephone privacy as, as he claims, he allegedly told his lawyer: “I’m going to tell the truth that they made me say”.

Finally with the completion of the girl’s testimony, the court adjourned due to filling the schedule for July 3rd.