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AB SHOP & GO: Try it too! |


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AB offers the opportunity to people with dreams, will and mood for success, to do their own start in entrepreneurship, creating their own AB store. This has been happening for the last 15 years. Already, 150 companies operate through Franchising, creating thousands of new jobs and ensuring sustainability and very satisfactory profits for entrepreneurs.

Our people, Katerina who just a month ago opened the 2nd Shop & Go store in the area of ​​Korydallos, Nikoletta & Andreas a couple in life but also at work together. In addition, George & Manos who maintain 3 stores in Attica as well as George and Christos who already have 2 stores. With them, and 145 other associates throughout Greece who seized this unique opportunity!

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Something NEW that you did not expect!
AB has now decided to make it very easy! To undertake most of the required investment for the creation of a new store, for prospective entrepreneurs who aspire to operate in cooperation with AB, in large urban centers.

An AB Shop & Go store that offers speed and ease of shopping in every neighborhood of the city

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Quick and easy shopping is a daily necessity especially at a time when everything is running, just like us. In this lifestyle, the small shops of the neighborhood are an excellent one shopping choice solving hands, Especially when they offer variety of options in a walkable store size, that favors the speed of market completion.

What is AB Shop & Go? It is an urban store model that aims at complementary and extraordinary daily shopping needs in each neighborhood. It is the ideal proposal for the city, covering markets and outside of standard hours operation of stores but also immediate consumption needs away from home.

Where is it located & what does it offer us? It is located in densely populated areas of urban centers or in areas where large numbers of people gather, close to public transport stations, workplaces, schools and educational institutions. AB Shop & Go has the excellent product quality and personal service of each AB store, in a friendly and intimate environment. It has sales areas of 120-200 sq.m. and usually includes a small storage space.

Support for the young entrepreneur at all levels!

AB undertakes on behalf of the entrepreneur, the property configuration cost which will house AB Shop & Go and cost of purchasing technological equipment required to operate the store (up to € 100,000). The prospective entrepreneur should have a small working capital and a thirst for hard work and success. At the same time, it undertakes to repay the investment during the contract, paying a monthly installment for 10 years without surcharges (interest).

In the management part, AB undertakes to carry out a financial viability study of the point of operation of the store, to direct the entrepreneur in procedural matters, while undertaking to rent the property, in order to ensure a stable and non-negotiable rent for the person concerned, in the long run.

A dream that will come true!
Something you found difficult and has become so easy!

Take the first step for her realization of your dream. Take the first step to create your own business. Do not waste time!

Contact the Franchise AB Department, or email to

We are waiting for you!


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