The temporary one detention of two foreignersMoroccan nationals, who are accused of illegal trafficking of 60 migrantsthe investigator and prosecutor unanimously decided in the courts of Kalamata, according to ERT. Two Iraqis are also accused of the same case, who requested and received a deadline to apologize tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27.

It is worth noting that the migrants’ journey had started from Marmaris in Turkey to the Italian region and stopped when the sailboat they were on broke down and they asked for help, as a result of which they were all rescued (among them 13 children) by an open floating boat of the Coast Guard, 27 n.m. SW from Cape Tainaro, at noon last Wednesday.

At the same time, for the 13th day, the extensive search and rescue operation for missing persons from the wreck of the fishing vessel in international waters in the maritime area of ​​47 nmi continues. southwest of Pylos, under the coordination of the Unified Search and Rescue Coordination Center LS-EL.AKT.

One LS-EL.AKT Open Sea Ship (PLS) operates in the area, nine parasailing vessels, while one LS-EL.AKT aircraft and one PA helicopter operate in the area. The prevailing weather conditions in the area are northwesterly winds of intensity 4 Beaufort. So far, 104 foreigners have been rescued and 82 dead have been recovered.