Mariposa is a mix of bar and bunker for liberal parties in an Artacho Jurado building in SP




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Nadine Nascimento

A building with modernist architecture, by Artacho Jurado, a bar with classic drinks and snacks, and a bunker, for those looking to express their sexual freedom. This is the setting for Mariposa, the new bar on Rua General Jardim, in downtown São Paulo, which opens its doors in August.

The new venture by Tiaguinho Santo, owner of Cabaret da Cecília, intends to highlight the architecture of the General Jardim building. At first glance, the building may seem plain with its neutral colors. It reveals itself, however, at its top, with sinuous pillars that support a slab hollowed out by interspersed squares, over the terraces of the units on the top floor.

The Privet club, a party that lasted a few months in 2022 in São Paulo

The Privet club, a party that lasted a few months in 2022 in São Paulo

Club Privet, a party that lasted a few months in 2022 in São Paulo – Disclosure

The Mariposa Bar & Club will occupy two floors of the building and will have a view of the Minhocão. At street level, there will be the bar, with high ceilings and minimalist aesthetics, opening onto balconies overlooking the sidewalk. The space will be distributed with a counter, tables, chairs, benches and stools in industrial style, made of iron and wood.

The first environment wants to replicate the idea of ​​a pub. In addition to signature drinks, the classic maria-mole, bombeirinho and rabo de galo can be ordered. On the menu, the idea is the same. Canned egg, peanuts, potatoes and salami are among the options.

In the basement, there will be the Mariposa Club, a bunker with capacity for 200 people. There will be the DJ booth, the dance floor and another support bar. The space will operate with an independent program from the bar above.

“The somewhat futuristic atmosphere, with neon lights, has to do with the behavior of our audience. We want to attract more libertarian people, defenders of freedom of love, expression and sexual freedom. This has everything to do with the space’s proposal”, he says. Tiaguinho Santo.

The main event planned is Club Privet, a project by Cabaret da Cecília, which should take place every Saturday. The party is aimed at LGBTQIA+ people, house and disco music lovers. With an audience of 10,000 people in 2022, the meeting is known for its libertarian atmosphere, where nudism and fluid sexual practices are allowed among its attendees.

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