A fire broke out at around 2 in the afternoon in a forest area between Markopoulos Oropos and Kalamosnear the under construction Waste Transfer Station. The fire front is far from houses, the mobilization of the Fire Department is large and the forces are constantly being strengthened in order to get the fire under control before it spreads.

Already, at the point they attempt 84 firefighters with 21 vehicles, 5 hiking teams, volunteer firefighting teams, 4 aircraft and 4 helicopters.

Which roads are closed due to the fire?

Due to the fire, vehicular traffic has been stopped on the following roads:

  1. In E.O. Malakasas – Markopoulou, from the height of its intersection with N.E.O.A.L.
  2. On Agias Kyriakis street from the height of Polydendriou stadium, in the traffic flow towards Markopoulos Oropou.

PHOTO SOURCE: facebook/Fire Update – Vassilis Diamantopoulos: The fire as seen from Hippocrates State