If you feel that the heat is unbearable, maybe your pet thinks the same. Here you will see how to take care and protect your pet when the temperature is too high, so that neither it nor you suffer.

Water, lots of water

Pets need more water during the summer to stay hydrated. But they can’t tell you. For this reason, be sure that your pet’s water bowl is always full and make sure to renew it at regular intervals to keep it cool.

Not on lunchtime walks

You may be used to walking your dog in the middle of the day in the winter, but now we are talking about completely different temperatures. So it is better to go out early in the morning and of course in the evening after sunset. It goes without saying that you should have cool water with you in case you are away for a long time.

Cool space

If you are away from home for many hours, make sure to leave the air conditioner on and your pet will thank you. Ideally invest in an air conditioner that shuts off automatically when it “catch” the temperature you have set so that you are all happy.

Never think about leaving your pet in the car

It goes without saying, but is it really? If for any reason you need to have your pet with you in the car, they should really be with you. This means that if you get out of the car for some work, you must take it with you. Even if you think you’ll only be gone for three minutes.

Limit it indoors

Your pet may love to sit on the balcony for many hours, but the heat is not suitable for this “hobby”. Try to be indoors in a cool place during the day. And in the evening when the temperature drops a little you can go out and enjoy your balcony.