In building and maintaining sustainable school gardens with the app agroecological practices (carbon farming) students from schools in Western Macedonia were trained in the context of the carbon farming schools educational activities implemented by Open Farm with her support PPC.

As pointed out in a related announcement:

In the context of carbon farming schoolsstudents and their teachers from Grevena, Argos Orestiko, Achlada Florina, Ptolemaida and Vatero Kozani attended seminars by Open Farm agronomists and created their own school vegetable gardens with a low carbon footprint and application of organic and regenerative practices agriculture.

Students and their teachers learned first-hand the advantages of a successful crop rotation (rotating crops in the same field), the importance of intercropping, tips for dealing with natural pests and diseases, and many other regenerative and low-carbon farming practices.

PPC supported the educational actions within the framework of the Sustainable Development strategywhich aligns with the company’s business model and transformation needs, creating a transformation “roadmap” to a “Creating Shared Value” (CSV) model.

Carbon farming schools

The co-founder and head of the Open Farm network, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, said: “Not all schools have a garden, but every garden hides a school! Carbon farming schools are an innovative tool for the environmental education of students, which will lead them as tomorrow’s citizens to the necessary transition to standards of sustainable and responsible consumption and the promotion of healthy and environmentally positive nutritional options”.

Carbon farming schools

The Director of Sustainable Development of PPC, Achilleas Ioakeimidis, said: “Through the creation of low-carbon gardens in schools, we offer students and the school community the opportunity to participate in activities that highlight the importance of nature and protecting biodiversity, introducing them to practices that contribute to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We started the Carbon Farming Schools in Western Macedonia, where PPC electricity production units operate, because we want to strengthen local communities, strengthen the culture of participation in actions that have an ecological footprint and contribute to the Just Transition. As PPC we are planning similar actions in other regions of Greece”.