A young 37-year-old man was injured after a car accident caused by a wild boar, on Tuesday morning (11/7) on the provincial road of Atalanti – Kyparissiou.

According to his report LamiaReport the 37-year-old was on his way to work shortly before 8, when a herd of wild boars blocked his path, causing him to run into one of them.

The collision was severe and resulted in the bicyclist being thrown several meters in the air and away from the scene and sustaining injuries all over his body from the fall. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet and escaped the worst, however the machine was destroyed and the animal was killed on the spot.

The size of the wild boar that cut his way is really shocking as can be seen from his huge paw!

The 37-year-old was transported by ambulance Emergency room at the Atalanti Health Center and from there to Lamia Hospital for all the necessary tests.

LamiaReport contacted the president of the Atalantis Hunting Association, Dimitris Karatrantos, who assured us that from Monday, July 17, the prosecution teams are taking action to limit the wild boar population and remove them from residential areas.

“In consultation with the Atalanti Forestry Department, 11 groups with 120 members – hunters who will undertake responsibly and in accordance with what is provided by law, the persecution of wild boars from areas of Lokris” will immediately start.

As recorded by LamiaReport and confirmed by Mr. Karatrantosthere are dozens of accidents with these wild animals from Atalanti to Arkitsa.