Panic for a young woman at midnight on Wednesday, at the junction of Ermou and K. Kartali streets in Volos, when she saw in front of her a man threatening her with a belt and cursing her vulgarly.

The 22-year-old was frightened when he approached her the 52-year-old holding a strip in his hand and yelling at her to stop, cursing her. She started running without stopping, until she reached the area of ​​Metamorfosi and together with a friend called the police.
When the 52-year-old was arrested, it was found that he was the same person for which the police had received a complaint three hours earlier.

He also had a young wife denounce that a dangerous person was circulating in the area between P. Melas and Iolkos. Moving on the bike, the 52-year-old blocked her way and hit her with his hand on the left ear.

In the meantime, she recognized in his face the man who had insulted her seven months ago, when she happened to cross paths with him on the street.
The girl filed a complaint with the Police, who searched for him and finally found him arrested shortly after midnight, after the second report against him.
The 52-year-old is facing the following charges: Threat with the choice of a victim because of a leaf, attempted dangerous bodily harm, illegal carrying of a weapon suitable for an attack, dangerous bodily harm and verbal abuse.