“We have to protect the health of these workers and although some will be a little upset by the deprivation of their services, I believe that we all agree with this elementary precautionary measure in the most difficult hours of the heat,” says the Minister of Labor, Adonis Georgiadis in his post on twitter regarding the suspension of delivery services, from 12 to 5 pm. which is included in the emergency measures to deal with workers’ thermal stress.

“We leave no one behind,” the post added.

Yesterday, the Ministerial Decision (No. 65581) was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which states all the emergency measures to deal with the heat stress of private sector workers during the heat wave called “CLEO”.

Among the measures it includes the Ministerial Decision is:

The mandatory work stoppage in areas where the risk of heat stress becomes extremely high during the period 12:00 – 17:00

-Providing remote work with the telework system for private sector workers who belong to high-risk groups

Measures for the organization of working time and facilitation of employees during any change in their time of arrival and departure from work

-Technical and organizational measures to prevent workers’ thermal stress

-Special provisions for outdoor work and provision of personal protective equipment

About the incident of “the beating of a worker with a stick in Parga”

Also, with regard to the incident of “the beating of a worker in Parga, because he asked for his earnings”, which was announced by the Panhellenic Federation of Food and Tourism Workers (POEET), Mr. Georgiadis points out in his post on Twitter: “For the news circulating about the beating of an employee in Parga, etc., I learned from the Independent Labor Inspection Authority that: “no complaint has been made in any of our services in the wider area”. Please, if someone can, let them make the complaint in the appropriate way, so that the prescribed control can be carried out immediately.”