“The Greek university has nothing to fear,” said Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Kyriakos Pierrakakis, answering a question on the issue of non-state universities after the end of the Synod of Rectors, which is being held in Kastoria.

He added, that our country must get out of a national exception that it has in higher education in relation to non-state universities. “This is what we are going to solve and nothing more,” Mr. Pierrakakis emphasized, emphasizing that “our strategic goal is the public university.”

He noted that “in the next period there will be greater specialization in our proposal for non-state universities” and explained that “the Greek public university and its upgrading is the ultimate strategic goal of the government and in this context we are initiating the dialogue with all universities , with all the rector’s authorities”.

Mr. Pierrakakis also said that a series of issues related to everyday life, such as dealing with bureaucracy, will be addressed through the dialogue.