Athens may be “boiling” today, with the mercury rising 40 degrees Celsius due to the heat wave, but the eubelts of the Presidential Guard they remain in place, performing their service uninterruptedly at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

With a wipe on the forehead and some cool water, their colleagues in the Presidential Guard relieve them, to continue their service under particularly harsh conditions.


It is noted that in the summer the euzones wear the lightest summer khaki “dulama” – Uniform of the Balkan Wars, however in such high temperatures the performance of their service remains difficult…

The euzones come from volunteer soldiers of the Infantry, and are selected through a painstaking process. As sleepless guards, they pay tribute to the Monument to the Unknown Soldier 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions, and honorably guard the Presidential Palace and the gate of the Presidential Guard Camp.



In addition, they attribute values ​​to S.A. the President of the Republic, to foreign heads of state, as well as to foreign ambassadors when presenting their credentials to the President.

It is also part of the duties of the Presidential Guard the raising and lowering of the Greek Flag on the Holy Rock of the Acropolis, on Sundays and official holidays, as well as the participation of sections of Evzones in the celebration of national anniversaries and in other solemn events at home and abroad, especially during the national anniversary of March 25.

Every Sunday, at 11:00 a.m., a parade of Evzones marches from the Presidential Guard camp to the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, where the official changing of the guard ceremony takes place.