Firefighters are battling the fire that has been burning in low vegetation since noon on Friday in Keramoti, Naxos.

According to, the focus was on the Keramoti valley and after passing through Sifones, it goes to Apeiranthos

10 vehicles with 38 firefighters are trying to extinguish it, while aerial means were also tried until late in the afternoon. Operations were reinforced with 2 vehicles and 8 firefighters who arrived on the island from Syros and Paros. The effort is also strengthened by a pedestrian section from Attica, as well as water-bearing OTAs.

Power cut in villages

Due to the fire, electricity has been cut off in the wider area of ​​mountainous Naxos, according to an announcement by the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades.

“Currently, no settlements are in danger, but its radius has expanded as the fire is assessed as difficult, since it is in pastures, in an inaccessible area with mountainous terrain. The main work is done by aerial means and there is a lot of assistance from ground forces and volunteers. Because there is damage to PPC poles, DEDDIE cut off the electricity in many villages in mountainous Naxos – Keramoti, Komiaki, Koronos, Apeiranthos, Moni as a precaution. The ranks of the DEDDIE are currently assessing the damage, while the protection of the power supply network is considered to be a critical stake, for which the aerial means in particular contribute”, said Mayor Dimitris Lianos, speaking to Kathimerini

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