figured out, from the Kozani Security Department, a robbery committed against 18-year-old native in her house and theft from a house, in areas of Kozani

The methodical investigation by the police officers of the Kozani Security Department, in collaboration with the police officers of the Kastoria Security Sub-Directorate, resulted in the immediate investigation of a robbery at the expense of an 18-year-old local woman at her home, as well as a theft from a home, committed in the morning and evening hours of her 14 and 13 July 2023respectively, in areas of Kozani.

For these cases, a case file was opened, of a criminal nature, for the crimes of robbery and theft against a foreigner, while it is being sought in order to identify the details of one more person.

Specifically, after a police investigation, it emerged that, in the morning hours of 14-07-2023, the aforementioned entered a house, in the area of Kozani and removed from its interior the amount of money of -155- euros, a police identity card, bank cards and books, -2- mobile phones, various items and food. During their stay in it and while they continued to search its premises, in order to remove anything else, they realized that the 18-year-old was also inside it, whom they immobilized with the use of physical violence and then fled.

From the further investigation by the police, it was found that the above mentioned evening hours of 13-07-2023, after breaking the door of a house, in the area of ​​Kozani, entered inside it and removed the sum of -3,100- euros, personal documents, bank book , mobile phone and various foods.

The Kozani Security Department is continuing the preliminary investigation in order to identify the accomplice of the foreigner, while the file will be submitted to Ms. Criminal Prosecutor Kozani