Birthday Myrto had who in July 2012 was the victim of a brutal attack and rape in Paros, and since then has been giving her own Golgotha.

Myrto, 11 years after the attack that shocked the whole of Greece, turned 26 years old, and her mother Maria Kotrotsou shared pictures from the birthday party with her online friends.

Myrto’s mother wished happy birthday to her own angel on earth and to her own strong creature.

“I will always hope and wait for one more miracle of science that can make you better, however late it may be! I know that someday it will come true!” says Mrs. Kotrotsou.

In detail the touching post

“Happy birthday my Myrtle!

Happy birthday to my angel on earth!

Happy birthday my brave and strong creature

Always be smiling and loved by the whole world, and if you were deprived of the joys of life, you know and find smaller ones that go unnoticed by many.

I would like you to live many, many years happily with this innocent and pure soul of yours that loves the whole world!”