The most difficult front of the fire is at Dervenohoriasaid to SKAI on Tuesday morning the press representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios.

He explained that there is a “very active front south of the Titan factory that is rekindling.”

He added that there were scattered outbreaks towards Attiki Odos, the front has moved south towards Mandra, but far from Mandra.

He noted that the fire is burning a forested area, there has been no need for evacuations, no road closures and no residential area is at risk.

At this time, 110 firefighters, 6 airboats and a helicopter are operating in Dervenochoria.

Mr. Baker said that the fire at Caparelli of Boeotia (where two arrests were made) is demarcated.

In the There was a bath big revival during the night 1 km north of the national road to Agios Charalambos and there is the active front.

In East Attica it has “candles”, small fires that concern us, said Mr. Artophios. The forces are extinguishing, the active part is opposite Peta.

He concluded by saying that it is a scourge of the gross plots of land that are potentially hotbeds for fires, but at this time the priority is the work of firefighting.