The picture is clearly better in Kouvara, Keratea and Loutraki and after the first airdrops, according to information from the government, with the fronts in Dervenochoria raging despite the airdrops.

As detailed in the update:

– Better, clearly, is the picture in Kouvara-Keratea and after the first airdrops. There is a problem a little north of Kalyvia where airdrops are now taking place. There is no active front around the perimeter (Lagonisi, Saronida, Anavyssos, Kouvaras). There are small fociespecially in Feriza and at Huts. Ground forces have been reinforced, have been operating throughout the night and continue to operate throughout the perimeter. At first light, 2 AB-214 aircraft and one S-64 aircraft operate.

– Better, too, is the image on Bathhouseis good on the western front, it is bounded south by the Athens-Patras EO, while there is an active part north of Kallithea, where the main effort was made during the night and continues. At first light an AB-214, 2 CL-415 and 3 tractors in the first wave attempt, followed by an AB-214, 2 CL-415 and 2 CL-215.

Active fronts in Dervenochoria despite the morning airdrops.

In the evening the front had spread very quickly into a purely forested area. He moved quickly and at night, he crossed the Mornos channel and arrived at the TITAN and HALYPS factories. It was finally intercepted north of the Keramidia quarry. The effort continued at night and was focused so as not to open laterally and especially to the east towards Parnitha. At first light they attempt an S-64, 2 CL-415, 2 CL-215 and 2 Air Tractors in the first wave and 3 S-64 in the second.

Caparelli: It has been delineated, forces remain for possible flare-ups.

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