In the top 15 European beaches it was voted Fig tree in Milos (11th place), according to the official website for the promotion of tourism in Europe, European Best Destinations which presented the top beaches for 2023, from Portugal and Spain to Italy and Greece.

From wild beauty, ‘hidden’ coves to popular golden sands and from beaches for romantic getaways, family outings or solo travellers, the European Best Destinations picks have something for everyone. Milos, through Sykia, was together with Kriaritsi in Sithonia, Halkidiki (12th place) the only Greek distinctions voted by thousands of travelers.

However, even international media praise the beaches of Milos, such as TravelDudes, which in its article refers extensively to the beaches of Sarakiniko, Papafragas, Kleftiko, Tsigrado, Firopotamos, Firiplaka, Algomantra and Lagada, as well as the fishing villages of the island (Plaka, Klima, Mandrakia, Agios Konstantinos, Adamantas).

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At the same time, the Spanish edition of National Geographic places Sarakiniko of Milos among the best beaches in Europe (