Red or White: Six Wineries to Visit on Winter Break


Wine, mountains and a fireplace have always been synonymous with winter vacations for people from São Paulo with a little money in their pockets. In the mountains close to the metropolis, families from the capital and medium-sized cities in the interior find an ideal climate to relax and feel that, in fact, it is winter. The days are sunny and you can go horseback riding, hiking and sometimes even go to a pool or a waterfall, but the nights are very cold, great for drinking red wine, eating fondue, sitting in front of the fire.
Now, in addition, the region of Campos de Jordão, São Bento do Sapucaí and Santo Antônio do Pinhal, as well as other parts of Serra da Mantiqueira and its surroundings, is even more attractive for wine lovers: in the last decade, vineyards of various types have spread across its hills. The so-called Triângulo das Serras has become a wine tourism destination (one of several that have recently emerged). As a result, July vacations in the mountains now include winery tours.
Considered impossible until very recently, today it is common to grow grapes of the species vitis vinifera (used for fine wines) in the southeast region. It is possible largely due to the development of a new pruning technology by the agronomist Murillo de Albuquerque Regina, from Epamig (Agricultural Research Company of Minas Gerais). This technology, known as double pruning, makes it possible to invert the harvest period. That is, instead of harvesting in the summer when it rains too much and the humidity brings diseases to the grapes, it is now possible to harvest in the winter when the weather is dry. Read more (07/19/2023 – 15:07)
Source: Folha

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