Extreme risk of fire – State of Alert (risk category 5) is predicted tomorrow, Monday, July 24, 2023, for five regions of the country as well as very high risk of fire (risk category 4) for 8 regions, according to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the general secretariat of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection (civilprotection.gov.gr):

Specifically, extreme fire risk – state of alarm (risk category 5) is predicted tomorrow for the following areas:

* Region of Attica

* Region of Central Greece (PE Boeotia, PE Evia)

* Peloponnese region (Argolida PE, Corinthia PE, Messinia PE)

* Region of Western Greece (Ilia)

* South Aegean Region (Rhodes Region)

Very high fire risk (risk category 4) for the following areas:

* North Aegean Region (Chios Region, Samos Region, Ikaria Region)

* South Aegean Region (Karpathos Region, Kalymnos Region, Kos Region)

* Region of Thessaly (P.E. Larissa, P.E. Magnesia)

* Region of Crete

* Peloponnese Region (Arkadia Region, Laconia Region)

* Region of Ionian Islands (PE Kefalonia, PE Zakynthos)

* Region of Western Greece (Etoloakarnania PE, Achaia PE)

* Region of Central Greece (PE Fthiotida, PE Fokida)

The general secretariat of Civil Protection (civilprotection.gov.gr) of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection has informed the competent government agencies involved, as well as the Regions and Municipalities of the above areas, so that they are on increased civil protection readiness in order to immediately deal with any fire incidents.

At the same time, the general secretariat of Civil Protection recommends that citizens be especially careful and avoid actions in the open air that can cause a fire by negligence, such as burning dry grass and branches or cleaning residues, using machines that cause sparks such as circular saws, welding devices, using outdoor grills, smoking bees, throwing lit cigarettes, etc. Also, it is reminded that during the fire protection season burning of fields is prohibited.

In the event of a fire, citizens are requested to immediately notify the Fire Service at the number 199.

For more information and self-protection instructions from the dangers of forest fires, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at civilprotection.gov.gr.