Bad weather “Elpis” – Crete: Where anti-skid chains are needed (upd)


The deterioration of the weather and the snowfall even in the big cities of Crete, has created problems in the traffic of vehicles. The General Regional Police Directorate of Crete announced that due to the severe weather conditions, measures were taken regarding the traffic and the use of anti-skid chains.

Regarding the prefecture of Chania, the use of anti-skid chains is required on the provincial road Krapi to Askifou and the provincial road from Fokies to Omalos. In the prefecture of Rethymno, a temporary traffic ban has been activated due to snowfall and is valid in the provincial Amnatos-Arkadi (Municipality of Rethymno) and the provincial road Spili-Gerakari (Municipality of Amari). In the Prefecture of Heraklion, traffic has been temporarily banned on the provincial road Hersonissos – Lassithi Plateau in Krasi, on the provincial road Viannos – Amyra at the 2nd kilometer and the rural road in Krousonas to Livadi (Municipality of Malevizi).

Due to snowfall and frost, the traffic is made with the use of anti-skid chains on the provincial road Heraklion-Arkalochori, while similar measures have been taken for the Prefecture of Lassithi. Specifically, anti-skid chains are required on the provincial road Agios Nikolaos – Municipality of Lassithi Plateau from Drasi to Lassithi Plateau. The provincial road Sitia to Ziros and Chandra and the provincial road Sitia-Agios Nikolaos at the 20th kilometer. Also on the provincial road Sitia to Paraspori and Chrysopigi, the provincial road Sitia from Hamizi to Platanos and the provincial road from Lithines to Papagiannades.

Machines for cleaning the road surface operate in all the above points.

The General Police Directorate of Crete appealed to the drivers to avoid unnecessary movements, to be especially careful in the above points and for their best service to comply with the signals and the instructions of the traffic wardens.

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