At the core of the small and large interventions that are underway in Athensis dealing with the consequences of the climate crisis and the excessive burden on vulnerable groups from them, said the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis in his interview with ERT.

“I’m very happy that the discussion about sustainability and resilience has started, even if it sounds like some… utopias. We, for years, have drawn up and are implementing the plan to deal with the climate crisis, at the heart of it”, said Mr. Bakoyannis, stressing that in Athens in recent years there has been a battle for free quality and green public space.

In this context, he included the revitalization and care of the urban “lungs” of the capital, such as Lycabettus and the National Garden, but also the creation of new large parks -indicatively in Koropoulis where an old factory was demolished and a new modern generation park is being created, in the area of ​​Ampelokipi, the Elena Venizelou park, but also the climate project of the University with the planting of dozens of new trees and the use of cold materials. He also referred to the emblematic Double Redevelopment which will offer, in addition to the new Panathinaikos stadium, two large green areas in two extremely burdened areas of Athens, Botanikos and Ampelokipi.

Mr. Bakoyiannis pannounced that the Municipality of Athens will buy the area currently occupied by the KTEL bus station in Liosion, where in the future a green park of a new generation will be created, with a total area of ​​ten acres. He also referred to many different aspects of the social work carried out by the Municipality of Athens, with the aim of protecting vulnerable groups and the “invisible” people of the city.

Speaking of her cleanliness, the main pillar of the work of the municipal authority which is also a measure for the quality of life in the city, he emphasized that the city is cleaner than ever, however, ahead of us, he said, “we have a mountain to climb”. Asked about the recycling part, he said that the Municipality has already doubled the goals and is moving at a faster pace.

Referring to the cleaning sector he said that it is governed by the logic of the “ant”. “Little by little the difference is making. It’s easy to try to talk to impress on TV, but the difficult thing is to stick to the bottom line,” he noted.

With the same philosophy, he added, the Municipality is moving in dealing with the problem of noise pollution, which is presented in several areas of Athens, where many shops of health interest are concentrated. “It is a huge issue that we are facing and the effort being made is corresponding. I don’t know if you remember, last year in Ghazi we fought a battle. We had said then that “Gazi will not become Mykonos” and it did not happen. However, there are still many small “Gazias” in Athens for which we need to look again, as a whole, at the institutional framework” said the mayor of Athens.

Asked about the possibility of the sunbed movement moving from the beaches to the city, in terms of the aggressive and illegal occupation of public space by table seats, Mr. Bakoyiannis said: “I wish there would be a “table seat movement”. I would very much like to see it. Actually it is a movement for legitimacy”. He said that the current municipal authority has taken the strictest measures against the phenomenon, sealing businesses that continue to be illegal, noting that following a request from the Municipality to the government, a new regulation was passed before the national elections, according to which in addition to the fine, the store will also be sealed. “We have done dozens of sealings since this law has been in place for the past 6-8 months and the good news is that we are slowly seeing compliance. Obviously, it takes time”, he stressed, pointing out, however: “However, let’s not be unfair to all the professionals. There are also many good professionals. I feel the need to say it, because the few bad professionals should not spoil the image for the many good professionals”.